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Bike Rack Hitch Installations

Tips For Bike Rack Hitch Installations For Your Vehicle

Crossover car with two road bicycles loaded on a rack

Cycling enthusiasts can attest to the struggle of transporting their beloved two-wheeler around. However, with the availability of versatile bicycle racks, OK Hitch installations in Kelowna can quickly solve that problem. These nifty accessories come in various shapes and sizes, from hitch racks to roof racks and spare tire mounts and can be attached effortlessly to your vehicle. But, before committing to a purchase, it’s crucial to do your research and consider important factors such as weight capacity and compatibility requirements. With the right bike rack, you can take your trusty bike on your next adventure, wherever life may lead.

Roof-mounted, hitch mounted, trunk-mounted, etc

Selecting the perfect rack to transport your equipment can make or break your experience. With various options available, evaluating your needs and preferences is essential to make the best decision possible. Are you tight on ground space? Opt for a roof-mounted rack. Do you need quick and easy access? Hitch-mounted racks are your answer. Don’t want to commit to a permanent fixture? Trunk-mounted racks will do the trick. Whatever your preference, select the right rack for you to ensure a smooth and successful journey.

Hitch-mounted Racks Offer Easy Access and Stability

Are you tired of the hassle of constantly loading and unloading your bikes whenever you want to hit the road? Look no further than hitch-mounted racks! These convenient racks provide easy access and stability for your bikes while you drive. They securely strap your bikes in place, preventing any swaying or bouncing. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country trip, a hitch-mounted bike rack can make all the difference in your journey’s enjoyment and stress levels. Why not treat yourself to the convenience and ease of a hitch-mounted rack today and hit the road worry-free?

Types of bike hitch racks 

Bike enthusiasts know how important it is to have the right bike hitch rack for their vehicle. Whether you have a small car, a pickup truck, or an SUV, you need a bike hitch rack that provides the necessary support and stability for your bikes. Different bike hitch racks are available, including hitch mount, trunk mount, and roof mount. Kelowna Hitch mount racks are secured to the hitch receiver on the back of your vehicle and can carry up to four bikes. Trunk mount racks are attached to the trunk or rear hatch and are ideal for small cars. Lastly, roof mount racks are mounted on top of your vehicle and can accommodate different types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and even fat tire bikes. No matter what type of vehicle you have, a bike hitch rack can safely carry your beloved bicycles on your next adventure.

Maximum Weight Capacity 

For those planning a biking outing, selecting the appropriate bike rack is a vital decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner, it’s crucial to consider various factors, including the maximum weight capacity of the rack. You want to ensure that the weight of your bikes does not cause any damage or safety concerns during transport. Therefore, always cross-check your chosen bike rack’s weight limit and ensure it’s trustworthy before embarking on your journey. By investing in a robust and dependable bike rack, you can rest assured that everyone will have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Locks or Anti-sway Straps 

Regarding transporting your belongings, security should always be a top priority. That’s why it’s essential to check for additional features like locks or anti-sway straps that can provide added protection for your items. These extra measures can give you peace of mind during a move, ensuring your possessions stay safe and secure. Pay attention to the importance of these small but mighty details – they can make all the difference when safeguarding your belongings. So, take the time to carefully consider the security features of any transportation devices before embarking on your next move.


When deciding on what kind of bike rack to get, it’s essential to consider how much time you or someone else will have to spend setting up and taking down the rack each time it’s used. Time is especially true if you use the bike rack frequently since time spent exhibiting much effort every time could become tiresome. It might be worth considering a more expensive but more straightforward setup that will require less manual labour to save time and energy in the long run.

Ultimately, choosing a bike rack comes down to finding one that meets your needs. Consider all aspects of the rack, including type, size, weight capacity and additional features. Take measurements of your car and check the maximum weight capacity of bike racks to ensure you’re making an informed decision. Be sure to look for one that offers an easier setup process if you want to save time installing it – after all, quick and easy installation means more time for hitting the trails! Furthermore, keep in mind additional features like locks or anti-sway straps for added security. The important thing is finding a product that fits your vehicle easily and securely so you can enjoy long rides with friends on beautiful days with no hassles.


Maui Jeep Rentals

Renting a Jeep in Maui Hawaii

Bext Jeep Rental Maui

If you’re going to Maui on vacation, chances are that you’re flying to the beautiful Island. And unless you have a vacation home in Hawaii, it is most unlikely you have a car waiting for you on the Island; and taking one along with you will cost a whole lot of money. But what about rentals? I don’t know about you, but when I picture the beach, the wild, and the rocky plains of Maui, I think of navigating the paths in a Jeep.

Jeeps are the most rented vehicle in Maui. They are simply popular for their efficiency and suitability for Island navigation. Although most roads in Maui are paved, a Jeep will give you that “vacay” feel you desire and much more fun. And if you want, you can take off the top and what you’ll have is a convertible. Renting a Jeep in Maui, Hawaii can be really easy if you have all the information you need. In this post, we’ll answer all the vital questions you have and help you get through Jeep rentals in Maui.

What is the age limit to rent a jeep in Maui?

If you’re 21 years and above, you’re legally permitted to rent a jeep in Maui. It is better if you’ve clocked 25 because then you can avoid some extra hassles like paying a “young renter fee”. Still, you should be able to get a Jeep of your choice and enjoy the beautiful weather of Maui as long as you’ve clocked 21.

How much does Jeep rental in Maui cost?

The average cost of a jeep rental in Maui is between $100 and $220 per day. This price can be higher or lesser depending on the type of Jeep, rental location, rental company, and so on. To get the best deal, it is important to check multiple Jeep rental services on the Island; compare prices but be sure to also look up reviews and ask questions on service delivery.

  • Start early: Booking ahead of time is also a great way to get a good deal. It’s the same as flights. Once you’re sure of your vacation dates and schedule, booking a jeep should be one of the arrangements you make.

Jeep Rental Services in Maui, Hawaii

  1. Bext Premium Jeep RentalMaui Jeep Rental

Whether it’s a Wrangler or the Rubicon, Bext has a reputation for delivering quick, efficient jeep rental service in Maui, with good quality vehicles delivered at the airport of your choice, waiting for you.

  • Maui Discount Jeep Rentals

This is another Jeep rental service provider in Maui with multiple rental locations in Kihei, Kaanapali, Kahului, and Wailea. Their specialties are the 2-door and 4-door Jeep Wranglers.

  • Enterprise ‘Rent-a-Car’

There’s a reason this is a top-rated Jeep rental in Maui, and it’s the fact that they go beyond just car rental to provide you with a comprehensive ‘guide’ to make your time in Maui even more eventful.

  • Cruisin’ Maui

Cruisin’ Maui makes the list as a Jeep rental that gives no restrictions. They ensure your driving experience is full and complete with on and off-road adventures, including a back route to and from the famous Hana.

  • Kihei ‘Rent-a-Car’

This family-run business prides itself on being one of the most affordable Jeep rentals in Maui. Preferably, this rental will serve you better if you’re going to the Kihei territory or towards the Southern part of Maui.

Where to visit in your Jeep in Maui

It will be a waste of resources to rent a durable, off-road and adventure-thirsty jeeping Maui without actually exploring the many places on the Island. So, here’s a list of places to drive to the next time you rent a jeep in Maui.

  1. Crater at Haleakala top
  2. Road to Hana
  3. Haiku Mill
  4. Surfing Goat Dairy
  5. Last Lava Flow
  6. Iao Valley
  7. Maui Winery

Final Words…

There are so many other vehicles available for rent in Maui. However, there is a feeling you get from a Jeep that no other vehicle can offer. For the best jeep experience, this post has all the information you need. Just be sure to call ahead and confirm the availability of the specific model you need to avoid disappointment.

auto detailing

Why Is Ceramic Coating So Popular Today?

Have you ever had that friend who couldn’t stop talking about how glossy their car is? They’re annoying, right? But that’s not the point. The point is that they’re so happy with their car because it no longer looks dull. What did they do for it to look that good? It’s called ceramic coating.

Over the years, ceramic coating has started to gain popularity. More people are concerned with how their paint changes when the exterior gets damaged. On the other hand, some just want to prevent any disaster that will happen to their car’s finish.

Bmw, Car, Front, Sports Car, Tuned, Pimped

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating, sometimes called nano-ceramic coating, is one of the easiest ways to protect your car’s paint. It uses a mix of polymer solution that’s applied on the paint itself. The main goal of ceramic coating is to protect your car’s paint from getting damaged because, as you already know, respraying it is costly.

Since it’s just a coat on top of the paint, your car’s color won’t change. There’s no need to worry about the shade getting lighter or darker. The only thing you have to think about is that this coat is often semi-permanent. So before you decide to get a ceramic coating, make sure that you really want it on your car.

Why Is It so Popular?

There are many benefits to getting a ceramic coat. These benefits are the reasons why people keep raving about it on their cars.

  1. It protects your car’s paint

The most common reason for people wanting to have a ceramic coating is for the paint protection. Over time, your car’s paint will lose its luster. To add to that, the more it gets exposed to UV rays, the more it loses its shine. Eventually, it will have a lighter or duller color.

A ceramic coating on your car protects it from ever experiencing paint damage. Because it’s an extra layer of protection, your car’s paint won’t ever lose its original color. It’s also shielded from stains and chemicals that can damage it.

  1. It’s low maintenance

A ceramic coat is a great way to maintain your car’s exterior without working on it all the time. Sure, you’d love to take care of your car but keeping the exterior glossy and smooth takes a lot of time.

When you have a Midnight Driver ceramic coat on your car, you don’t need to spend so much time cleaning it. Since the coat is hydrophobic, any water-based stain or chemical that falls on your car’s exterior will just fall off. They won’t stay or stick. The most you’ll do here is that you’ll wipe the water off the surface.

  1. Gives a candy-like gloss

If you’re the type of car enthusiast who is particular with the car’s exterior aesthetics, then you’ll love what the ceramic coat will do to your car. Instead of letting the car’s paint go dull from UV rays and wear and tear, the ceramic coat will keep it shiny and glossy. Well, your car won’t exactly shine like diamonds but it will definitely have luster.

  1. Makes your car look good as new

Do you want your car to look all beaten up and old? Of course not! Nobody wants to drive a car that looks like it wasn’t maintained for years. This is one of the reasons why more people are switching to a ceramic coating – they want their cars to look as good as new.

Car Wash, Car Shampoo, Shampoo, Car Cleaning

With a simple ceramic coating, you get all these benefits. Plus, you only have to do this once. There’s no additional maintenance or extra coatings every year. You just apply it and it will immediately protect your car while making it look new in the process. 

A Few Notes

While there are a lot of benefits you can get from a simple ceramic coating, it’s not the answer to all your car problems. Though it adds another layer of protection, it can’t protect your car from getting dents and scratches. To add to that, if you really want to make your car look good, you still have to bring it to a car wash. Regular cleaning and buffing will help in making your car more durable and aesthetically-pleasing.

Jeep Wrangler

2020 Jeep Wrangler Configurations

2020 Jeep Wrangler Configurations and Specs.

The Jeep Wrangler is without a doubt an authentic car model. It comes in 8 different trims for everyday comfort and rugged performance. As a rule of thumb, all jeep wrangler models manufactured after 2012 have a standard 6-speed manual transmission and 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine that produces 285 horsepower and 260 lb-ft. of torque. Based on personal preference, though, people customize their models with the many optional add-ons available. Once you find the jeep the fits you best you will most likely seek customizing to fit you perfectly. There are many great online sources out there to find add-ons and accessories. We highly recommend looking over at Jeep Auto Garage.

That said, how do you choose between the different models? Keep reading to find the one that suits your taste!

2020 Wrangler sports

It is the most basic model, considered the entry trim into wranglers which makes it cost-efficient going for. If you’re looking for a jeep wrangler, and are on a tight budget, it’s the ultimate choice. Though it lacks the extra luxury and comfort features, it’s still a stylish car with its black fender flares and Sunrider soft top. Some specifications are as follows:

• Manual windows and locks
• ParkView rear back-up camera
• 16″-steel wheel inches
• Low Pinion Dana 44 heavy-duty rear axle and High Pinion Dana 30 front axle.
• Uconnect® with a 5-inch screen
• Command-Trac 4×4 system

2020 Wrangler Sports S

It is basically an upgrade of the Wrangler Sport. They hare the same core specifications, but some comfort and luxury features have been added to the Sports S. Upgraded features include:

• Remote keyless entry
• Heated side mirrors
• Black Modular Hardtop
• Blind Spot Monitoring
• Tinted rear windows
• 17-inch alloy wheels
• Uconnect® 4 with a 7-inch touchscreen

Wrangler Willys

Remember the good ol’ Willys CJ? Well, the Wrangler Willys pays homage to this edition of jeeps. It is similar to the sport S but includes a Willys’ emblem on the hood and a touch of style on its exterior with the gloss black grille and finish in the center of both the front and rear bumpers. Some other additional features include:

• 17-inch high-gloss black Rubicon wheels
• BFGoodrich mud-terrain tires.
• High Performance 3.73 gears for off-roading and on a highway.
• Large springs for a higher lift just like the rubicon.
• The 2-Door comes with Power convenience: Air conditioning, heated and auto-dimming mirrors, security alarm, and remote keyless entry.

Wrangler Freedom Edition

The brand is renowned for its philanthropic streak. That said, it is no surprise that a portion of each sale of the Freedom edition goes into helping our servicemen and women through the USO. This version is the same as the Sports S but has a couple of additional specifications for comfort and style which include:

• Premium off-road rock rails and steel bumpers.
• Leather-trim seats with the Oscar Mike logo, way to commemorate our heroes.
• Power Convenience Group
• Cast rear differential cover and a premium black soft top
• 115V auxiliary power outlet

Wrangler Sahara

It has the same running gear as a Sport model but is popular for its appearance. It has a tan and forest green interior with body-color fender flare and some limited-edition decals. Though it was introduced in the first generation wrangler line up, it remains a choice for any thanks to its comfort and sleek designs. Here are some more features:

• 18″ polished aluminum wheels with Granite Crystal painted pockets
• mild-hybrid eTorque engine technology
• Sky One-Touch Power Top
• Heavy-duty suspension with gas shocks
• Uconnect® 4 infotainment system
• Standard 7-inch touchscreen and optional 8.4-inch touchscreen

Wrangler Altitude

It’s an improved version of the Sahara with some features that make it stand amongst the crowd. One of these is its power bulge hood that is quite unique from other trims. An aggressive and sophisticated model, making it the go-to for people looking to make a statement. Here are some specifications:

• 18-inch polished black wheels and a glossy black exterior
• Leather-trimmed heated seats
• Body-color hardtop
• Only comes as a 4-door model
• Black three-piece hardtop
• 6-speed manual transmission

Wrangler Rubicon

Looking for the most capable trim? Go for this one. It is built to tackle any terrain with its rear locking differentials, Tru-Lok front, Rock-Trac 4×4 system, and 4.10 gears. Here are some additional specifications:

• Improved suspension system with high-pressure monotube shocks
• Tunable valves that make it possible to tread on any kind of terrain.
• Dana 44 heavy-duty front and rear axles
• No need for modification for off-road performance.

Wrangler Rubicon Recon.

It is a mix of the Rubicon and Wrangler Sahara but takes off-road performance to the next level. Features include:

• 17-inch Granite Crystal wheels
• High clearance fender flares
• 33-inch all-terrain tires
• Rock-Trac 4:1 Low Transfer Case
• Tru-Lok Front
• Rear Electronic Locking Differentials
• BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM tires
• Winch adept steel bumper

Choosing Your Wrangler

With that said, which one is right for you? All wranglers are of great performance, offer unprecedented comfort, and are as stylish as vehicles come. The choice comes down to personal customizations, specifications, and your budget!


Overlanding Camping

A Discussion On Overlanding Camping

Overlanding camping is a mixture of off-roading and camping and is also known as car camping. This is a relatively new type of camping in the U.S. but it has been quite popular in other parts of the world for quite some time. It was used a lot in Australia where there were actual overland routes for travel and trade. Overlanding was once done via horseback and rails but now it is done using vehicles and SUVs. In the old days, Overlanding was done as a necessity for intercontinental travel, however, it is now a form of recreation.

The entire idea and spirit behind it is one of adventure and being completely reliant on yourself. After all, you’d essentially be in the wilderness where you have to take care of yourself. You can go overland camping on a weekend or you can make it into a trip spanning many months. There are many types of rigs that you can set up and use such as vans, jeeps, trucks, SUVs, ATVs and even motorcycles. However these vehicles need to be well outfitted so that they can handle any type of weather and terrain. They also need to be able to hold enough food, water and other essentials.

Getting Started

Now, before you get started, you need to understand that overland camping is no joke. You’ll be exposed to harsh weather as well as all the wild animals in nature. As a result, before you get started, you need to adjust your mindset. You’ll likely have to go a few days without a shower as well as eat whatever rations you have or even fish or hunt for your dinner. If these things sound appealing and exciting to you, then you just might be a blossoming overland enthusiast. You’ll not just need to be able to take care of yourself but also deal with any problems that may occur to your vehicle along the way. If you get a flat tire or suffer a mechanical issue, you’ll need to be able to fix the problem yourself.

Vehicles For Overlanding

There are many different vehicles that can be used for Overlanding which were previously mentioned. Basically any vehicle that has off-road capabilities can be used for your Overlanding rig. With that said, some of the most popular vehicles for this purpose include the Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Xterra, Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, and more. It is even possible to use motorcycles and some popular models include the Kawasaki KLR, BMW GS, etc. As you can see, just about any vehicle can be used for Overlanding. Now, the vehicle that you use is not as important as how you actually set it up for your trip.

Overlanding Necessities

There are many things you’ll need and we’ll now take a look at some of the most important items.

Roof Rack

The majority of good Overlanding rigs have a roof rack and you should consider installing one yourself. This roof rack will significantly increase how much cargo you can carry.


As mentioned before, Overlanding camping is all about self-reliance. So, if anything goes wrong with your rig, then you need to fix it. As a result, you’ll need the right tools to get the job done. One of the most important aspects of your tool kit should be a tire patch kit since, without functional tires, you’ll be stuck wherever you are.


roof tent

Even though you may think that you’ll spend the nights in your vehicle, the chances are that it will be filled with your belongings, food, etc. So, you should definitely have a tent and a roof tent, in particular, is a smart choice.

Other Considerations

Other things you should pack include a portable generator, first aid kit, mattress, camp stove, portable fridge, off-road vehicle gear, bike rack, etc.


To wrap things up, we have just looked at what is Overlanding camping and how you can get started. This is truly an exciting activity that will not only help you to feel more self-reliant but help you to reconnect with your inner adventurer.


Overlanding The U.S.

Overlanding In The U.S

Overlanding has become quite popular in places like south America and Australia and now is increasing its popularity in the States. Overlanding for those unfamiliar with the term is the self-reliant bold adventure traveling to distant regions where the excitement comes from the journey itself.

With the increased connectivity, new reliable tech and vehicles Overlanding has become quite accessible for the average person. It is now more than ever open to all instead of being exclusive to experienced campers and off-roaders. The amount of workshops and training seminars has drastically increased since 2018. In fact with so many tools available and places to go Overlanding can be taken as a lifestyle.

Changing perspectives on how to tackle problems, being self-reliant and always on the road can change how you see life entirely. Having someone who shares similar interests and viewpoints on the trip would be incredibly bonding. Add to that the incredible memories that you will gain by going through amazing landscapes like the Trans-American trail that goes from Tennessee to Oregon and spans for 5,000 miles connected by a series of dirt, gravel, jeep and forest roads. Being able to overcome any trouble that comes your way by being prepared in this kind of situation will give you a sense of happiness and freedom that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. Think about all the beautiful places the States have to offer for overlanders and how many people go about their lives without ever witnessing the beautiful natural landscapes created by thousands of years of nature going its way. You don’t have to wonder, you can go out there and not only see it but experience it. This is about relying on yourself and having meaningful adventures.

Here are some of the best Overland routes for you to consider and start planning your future adventure:

The Mecca: Moab, UTAH.

Overflowing with history, rugged beauty and hundreds of miles for your 4 wheel drive it’s a trip that you will never forget. The opportunities to experience the thrill and solitude of this backcountry adventure are seemingly endless. There is plenty of resources to plan your expedition beforehand, remember planning is essential, you must be completely honest with the appraisal of your equipment and experience.

The Rubicon trail, California.

This is a historical road and should be in every Overlander’s bucket list. So impressive that it served as inspiration for Jeep’s finest rides. This trail is known for it’s versatility and ruggedness serves as one of the best training spots for 4-wheel drive as the roads it has can range from beginner to expert.

Whether it be with friends or alone Overlanding is amazing, thrilling and probably one of the best lifestyle choices you can make. It will bring happiness, freedom and a slew of different skills that will benefit your life greatly. Go, venture into the wild!