Overlanding The U.S.

Overlanding In The U.S

Overlanding has become quite popular in places like south America and Australia and now is increasing its popularity in the States. Overlanding for those unfamiliar with the term is the self-reliant bold adventure traveling to distant regions where the excitement comes from the journey itself.

With the increased connectivity, new reliable tech and vehicles Overlanding has become quite accessible for the average person. It is now more than ever open to all instead of being exclusive to experienced campers and off-roaders. The amount of workshops and training seminars has drastically increased since 2018. In fact with so many tools available and places to go Overlanding can be taken as a lifestyle.

Changing perspectives on how to tackle problems, being self-reliant and always on the road can change how you see life entirely. Having someone who shares similar interests and viewpoints on the trip would be incredibly bonding. Add to that the incredible memories that you will gain by going through amazing landscapes like the Trans-American trail that goes from Tennessee to Oregon and spans for 5,000 miles connected by a series of dirt, gravel, jeep and forest roads. Being able to overcome any trouble that comes your way by being prepared in this kind of situation will give you a sense of happiness and freedom that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. Think about all the beautiful places the States have to offer for overlanders and how many people go about their lives without ever witnessing the beautiful natural landscapes created by thousands of years of nature going its way. You don’t have to wonder, you can go out there and not only see it but experience it. This is about relying on yourself and having meaningful adventures.

Here are some of the best Overland routes for you to consider and start planning your future adventure:

The Mecca: Moab, UTAH.

Overflowing with history, rugged beauty and hundreds of miles for your 4 wheel drive it’s a trip that you will never forget. The opportunities to experience the thrill and solitude of this backcountry adventure are seemingly endless. There is plenty of resources to plan your expedition beforehand, remember planning is essential, you must be completely honest with the appraisal of your equipment and experience.

The Rubicon trail, California.

This is a historical road and should be in every Overlander’s bucket list. So impressive that it served as inspiration for Jeep’s finest rides. This trail is known for it’s versatility and ruggedness serves as one of the best training spots for 4-wheel drive as the roads it has can range from beginner to expert.

Whether it be with friends or alone Overlanding is amazing, thrilling and probably one of the best lifestyle choices you can make. It will bring happiness, freedom and a slew of different skills that will benefit your life greatly. Go, venture into the wild!

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